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Various Models of Fashionable and Comfortable Women’s Blazers to Wear

In terms of appearance, women always try so that their appearance does not look monotonous and looks cool at every opportunity. Women’s fashion items are indeed more diverse when compared to men. One of the fashion items that are loved by women today is the blazer. This women’s blazer model is very diverse. Not only formal impression, but also casual. That way, a blazer can not only be used for work in the office, but also for casual events.

Blazer itself is versatile clothing that can be used as a fashionable jacket and can also be used as a formal suit for working in the office. Actually when you see the model, you can already know its use. Blazer models for men are generally clearer in use. However, women’s blazer models are usually more flexible. To be clear, it’s a good idea to just look at the reviews about the following women’s blazer models.

Women’s Blazer Model

One of the things used to classify women’s blazer models is the number of buttons. In this case, the blazer model is divided into four types. One of them is a one-button blazer model. This blazer model is perfect for those of you who need camouflage to look slimmer. This is because one button is placed right at the smallest waist circumference, where the hips meet with the upper back. You could say, all focus is centered on the curve of the wearer’s waist.

There is also a two-button blazer model. Not only for women, but this blazer model can also be used for men. In general, this blazer model is the fairest blazer used by women who have a full or thin body posture. This is because this blazer model does not really highlight the curve of the waist, but also doesn’t really highlight the size of the body in the abdomen. This blazer is perfect for semi-formal and formal events.

Another blazer model is the three-button blazer model. Similar to the two-button blazer, this blazer model is also very suitable for wearing to the office, especially for important meetings with clients or the board of directors. However, the higher the number of buttons, the higher the position of the buttons on the body. Therefore, this blazer with three buttons is highly recommended for those of you who have a tall posture.

The last blazer model is a multi-buttoned blazer. These blazers are generally longer than regular blazer models. In addition, this blazer model has four buttons or more. In general, the buttons are placed along with the blazer towards the bottom. It’s better to avoid using a blazer model like this for formal events. This is because the shape is definitely more like a jacket or coat.

Latest Women’s Blazer

In addition to the various models, the latest women’s blazers are also made from various materials. This material determines the comfort aspect when using a blazer. With quality materials, of course, you will feel comfortable when wearing them. In addition to quality materials, make sure you also wear a blazer with materials that suit the climatic conditions in Indonesia. As we all know, Indonesia’s climate tends to be hot. Therefore, it would be better if you wear a blazer made of materials that can absorb sweat and cool. Besides that, you also pay attention to the blazer model to make it look fashionable and contemporary.

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