Unhappy At Work? Change is Coming

If you are unhappy at work, you can be sure of one thing, and that is, things will change. When that change will happen is entirely up to you. You can help speed it up or just wait for it to happen naturally.

We sometimes admire someone’s job. What a great job he has”, “I wish I had the job she’s got” or “If I could do that, I’ll be much happier in my job” or “I would also look forward to my work if…” maybe you have also been guilty of saying the same thing? We can’t all be professional athletes, astronauts, pilots, sea cruise captains, or Caribbean lodge managers – some of us have to work for a living, now, I am not saying for one moment that people in these professions don’t work, but to some of us, these jobs might not seem like work. I certainly don’t have one of those jobs, and if you’re like the majority of the working class folk, you will have to get up in the morning and continue the daily grind of repeating the same repetitive task day in and day out, month in month out, year in and year out, while spending 85% of your time with unhappy sensitive co-workers and arrogant bosses.

But be of good cheer for there is a change coming! It may not be today, tomorrow, or even this year- but be sure of this, your situation will change. It has to; it is one of the laws of the universe – “The Universal Law of Impermanence” It states that everything changes, and that the world that we live in is always in a state of “flux” Some changes happen quickly some seem to take forever, but eventually change happens. You could find another job, be fired, get a transfer, be promoted, or maybe your unfair boss or troublesome colleague will leave.

You probably don’t want to wait forever for change to occur. Well, you can either wait for change to occur naturally, or you can begin to initiate the change, the difference is between taking control of our lives and leaving it up to the whim of fate.

How much time have you seriously spent trying to improve your situation? I understand that complaining, moaning, and being negative about the whole work thing is easier; but, it accomplishes very little. Have you actually tried looking for another job? Tried to improve you’re your skills through in-house training, books, DVDs, websites, or correspondence learning? Have you tried to improve your relationship with your boss or co-workers? How about your internal thoughts toward your work situation, are you dealing with all the negativity? Believe me, the smallest step in the right direction is progressing to bring about the change you are aiming for.

I am the first to admit, that there is no one solution that is perfect for everyone because we are all in unique situations, however, if we are serious, persistent, and creative enough, there will always be options available to bring about change. Some people believe that it is impossible to be happy and fulfilled at work, but how will you know unless you are prepared to give it a try?

You don’t have to be at the mercy of your unhappy work situation, you can speed up the process of change or you can just continue to wait for it to occur naturally. But either way, change will happen, it’s the only constant in life.

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