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Luckily, for our 4C readers, we’ve put together a curated list of go-to hair styles courtesy of Instagram. Tapered For those with a teeny weeny afro (TWA), tapering your ‘fro is a slick way to give it a little edge. 4C hair is recognized as one of the hair types within the type 4 range and is known to be very tightly curled. It is essential to understand that each head of hair is different. Some people with this hair will have curl definition, and others will not.

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4C hair is the coiliest, kinkiest or tightest strands of hair on the hair typing chart. 4C hair is the driest hair type and usually has no clumping without styling products. There is a lot of shrinkage with 4C hair (up to 75%!) and many feel that 4C hair does not grow.

Styles for 4c hair. Styling 4c hair in protective styles such as updos and twists is also great for 4c hair, especially when these styles keep the ends of the hair tucked away and hidden. 10 Flat twisted up-do 4c hair type. This is the perfect style to keep the hair up and off your shoulder. It beats the heat, but can also be a protective style all year round. This Hair Oil for 4C Curls 4. Charlotte Mensah Manketti Hair Oil. It took me so long to find just the right hair oil that would hydrate my hair without making my curls greasy and limp. Thankfully. I know it's not easy dealing with 4c natural hair (I'm a witness). But there are different hacks to make your natural hair journey easier and more satisfying. The 4c natural hair is usually painful to comb or braid but beauty is pain. Although there are a few things I would recommend you get to make your hair sleek, pretty, and easy to manage.

The natural hair gurus on YouTube and Instagram keep us informed on the latest products and techniques to maintain length and most importantly, healthy hair. If you’re in need of some new tips and tricks to care for and style your 4c hair as it gets longer, we’ve put together a list of 10 Instagram accounts for you to follow ASAP. 1. 15 Fool-Proof Ways To Style 4C Hair It’s easy to find yourself in a rut when it comes to styling your natural hair. If you’re tired of your everyday twist out or plaits, we’ve got some. A Good Starting Point: The trick to quick styling 4C natural hair is starting off with moisturized hair. Dry hair doesn’t look good on anybody, but in particular, it proves to make 4C hair styling even more of a task. You will find the styling process easier because your hair will be more manageable and looking in overall better condition.

4c Natural Hair Styles Image source: The best hairstyles for 4c natural hair are those that require minimal manipulation and those that retain moisture. A structured cut will be easy for you to maintain if you recently did the big chop or like to have short hair. For the purpose of this post we would be focusing mainly on styles that are suitable with 4c hair types. This is the kinkiest of all the hair types just like lupita nyongo’s hair. Now that should be easy to tell. Okay, Enough ranting, lets dive right in, shall we? Top 10 Diy natural hair styles For 4c hair types! What you need: bobby pins; Gel 4c hair styles,Find great 4c hair styles to complete your look every day. You can choose various 4c hair styles at Wigsbuy with high quality and low price.

I’m proud to have executed all of these Tapered Cut Hairstyles on my 4C hair. As a result, I’ve inspired others with Type 4 hair to not only embrace their texture, but to be creative with their styles. And that was my goal because type 4 hair doesn’t have enough representation. Especially 4C hair. This puts my hair in the fine/thin 4C hair category. Anyone with fine/thin 4C hair who is struggling as I had been for 5 years… Firstly your hair is just as BEAUTIFUL as the sisters with high-density hair, but in order for our hair type to flourish and look its best, there are some things you need to know girl! 4C hair is infamous in the natural hair community and beyond for being a challenge to work with and style. We believe that caring for and styling 4C hair is really just about getting to know it and learning what makes it thrive. As we collectively expand our knowledge on caring for our diverse textures, we see more and more juicy, healthy 4C hairstyles that make us fall in love with our.

Unlike other hair textures, 4c hair needs to be cared for or it will break. This is why it is highly recommended for those with natural 4c hair to wear protective styles to avoid damaging their hair. Not to mention, the amount of time one save from having to do hair regularly. Protective Hairstyles For Edges A buzz cut is one of our favorite styles for women considering a big chop. 08 Space Buns.. This styling technique adds length to 4C hair without the use of heating tools. The most common way to. Festive Protective Style Updos – these type of styles are beautiful on short 4C hair and has long lasting effect. Flat Twist Out – with the kinky texture, this style can hold for a longer period of time without becoming freezy on 4C natural hair.

You might think protective styles can be hard to come by, but you’d be wrong! These days there are so many ways to style your hair. Rock beautiful braids at an evening event, sport quick sassy hairstyles based on a natural afro, or give a little attitude with an edgy updo. May 11, 2020 – Explore Valerie Dade's board "4c hair styles" on Pinterest. See more ideas about Hair styles, Natural hair styles, Curly hair styles.

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