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Make-up Danger

okay ladies!

A moment to go over the dangers of cosmetics. This gave a few people a good laugh, so I thought I’d share it with all of you. Well, this morning I got up and went to wake up my youngest son so he could get ready for school. I didn’t have my contacts in so I couldn’t see anything! I was going to go back to bed until he was done so I could have the bathroom.

First, I tripped over a box of makeup in my bedroom and started to fall. My right foot went into another box that I had left out with all my nail polish. Now, this is a pretty big box. Holds about 100 bottles. I started to fall and I grabbed the side of my bed (which is a waterbed). Anyone with a waterbed knows they have wooden sides and are pretty thick. I was afraid of breaking off my fingernails, so I let go of the bed, figuring I was going to fall anyways, and I kicked the box of nail polish out underneath me instead of away from me. I fell on my right side, hit my head on the side of the waterbed. (big ouch!!!) then I landed with my butt in the nail polish and the nail polish went flying all over my room. My right foot hit the box of makeup that I had tripped over and I broke 3 of my toes! I am bruised on my right arm, shoulder, hip, side and my head still hurts. Not to mention my toes! and I still think I have a bottle of nail polish imbedded in my butt! at least the imprint of OPI, Hard Candy and Urban Decay!!!!

So, take this as fair warning that makeup should be taken seriously, and can cause serious injury and pain. Either that or I’m just a big klutz!!!

My husband said this was an omen that I should clean out my makeup! What nerve he has to even think that!!! Like bodily injury could even begin to make me think of getting rid of my makeup!! HA!!!

Well, hope you all got a laugh out of it because I sure did!! what a dork!!!

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