Exercise, Exercise, Exercise…

18 years ago I’d think nothing of hopping on my exercise bike whilst cranking up the headphones listening to In The Mix 96 Volume 2 (the best one from that collection in my opinion – said with her music head-on) and cycling for a good couple of hours without getting phased.  These days I have to summon up the will to actually get on the bike and do anything at all but recently I’ve been pushing myself to do it – I’m sick of this plateau phase, which originally I thought I had got over but obviously haven’t as no matter what I do I just can’t shift any huge amounts of weight right now so I’ve upped the exercise.

The Workout A Little

iPhone in hand, and playlist (I don’t have the ability to rip my In The Mix 96 album) so have had to make do with finding the tracks on Spotify just to get by. Anyway, it’s worked today for me as I managed 25 minutes on the bike and lost 150 calories! YAY!  It’s the most I’ve done in a day in one go but also used my weights on my wrists so added to the workout a little.  My groin was hurting a bit once I’d done it but I really enjoyed it.  Looking forward to doing it again tomorrow (I prefer to do it when Andy’s at the gym so he doesn’t keep watching my bouncing boobies though… men…)

My In The Mix 96 Vol 2 (sort of) playlist is here if you fancy having a listen and joining me: The Night Train and the bike I am using is the Davina McCall Mini Bike. I’m off out now to sit in the garden (I love living on the Essex Sunshine Coast – wouldn’t move back to West London now if you paid me as we have far more sunshine) and to partake in an ice-cold lemon tea courtesy of our Dolce Gusto machine, tons of ice and a willing partner (who is in my good books today after buying me a new handbag albeit from eBay but it’s one I had my eye on anyway so the boys done well)!

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